www.cleanairathens.org was as the name suggests a website that was concerend wit the air quality in  the counties of athens-clarke  in Georgia. The websites supported jobs that were clean and therefore provided opportunities for good health for adults and children alike. The website campaigned againts at least two companies in the new millenium to clean up their acts and stop polluting their communities. The long term goal was of a a precautionary principle so that situations such as there past targets did not happen again.

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A new start

We recently decided that we would implement new ideas and procedures to help students settle into school when they come in year 7. With this being such a stressful time of year for the new year sevens we decided to run a series of days leading through June and July  and then their first real day in September was organised to be a full day of team building activities. We searched Google for school team building and came up with a great company called www.theproblemsolvingcompany.co.uk. They offered a great range of activities and a team of mature instructors. I think this is important, as many companies seem to offer instructors that are just out of school themselves. The day was great and will become a regular fixture on our school calendar.

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Puzzles Galore

With Christmas all done and dusted I felt that I couldn’t not mention the fantastic online puzzle shop that I found. www.thepuzzleshop.co.uk has a great range educational puzzles that I generally had not seen anywhere before. The range was fantastic ranging from wooden and metal classic puzzles through to the more modern challenges such as the thinkfun laser maze. Whatever puzzles you decide to buy the great think is they are not just for Christmas but to challenge children and adults alike, all year round. I was also pleasantly surprised that all of the puzzles and games come with free delivery as standard.

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Kennel Trouble!

I was recently appalled when listening the to Jeremy vine show on radio 1.  For those of you not familiar with the show it’s a great show that discuses current news items. They were discussing the recent incident of a couple putting their dogs into a kennel whilst they went away on holiday and were telephoned whilst still away to be told that a local farmer had shot their beloved dogs. The dogs had apparently escaped when being walked and the farmer had shot them. The case of farmers shooting sheep is one that could be discussed in great depth. The farmer’s livelihood compared to the death of a family member, albeit a dog could be a heated discussion. I was shocked at the kennels attitude. If I took my dog to a kennel I would hold them responsible as they were being paid to look after them. Surely there is a duty of care? Obviously dogs have to be walked unlike cats but how do you keep them safe?  I suppose there is always a risk! If you have a cat the risk of it being run over is far greater than that of dogs ands the occurrence of a lost cat is huge.  I think when I go on holiday I will leave my dog with my family, although it just goes to show it’s a big ask!

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Breath Of Fresh Air.

What a breath of fresh air! After weeks of time consuming campaigning and administration work for a new client at work it was time to go on one of my oldest friends hen parties. Luckily I had not been given two much responsibility in the organising stakes as I had just been so busy but I did come across a great little website www.willystraws.com where they sold the item that made one of the evenings of the weekend so entertaining. Yes you have guessed it,  no hen party should be without them, willy straws! What an icebreaker. From the youngest to the oldest of the brides friends and family, sucking their drinks through one of these straws was hilarious. I would thoroughly recommend them to all future hen parties.

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